New entrant threat and failure to adopt disruptive innovation will cause 40% of largest 500 businesses to fail before 2030. First-mover advantage, halve time to market, with agile plans.


1 new concept success per 13 attempts loses $35bn a year among the Fortune 1000. De-risk and validate growth plans for pace and success, or fail-fast. Pinpoint correction with laser focus.


Disconnection from ideation to implementation can occur in many disciplines, and any one may block success. Build the systemic solutions to deliver growth sustainably.

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Formed for professional services, information and software technology eco-systems serving public and private sector markets, to maximise positive impact of proposition plans that may become breakthroughs or breakdowns for complex organisations. BGM provides a structured method and evaluation scorecard, for asking better questions to improve decisions and implementation plans. BGM prepares entire organisations for the changes needed to succeed.









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Methods for ease of use alongside transaction due diligence and business integration specialists. More precisely evaluate synergy and opportunity gains from M&A integration. Form growth plans from combined product and capability that will maximise portfolio and cross-selling.

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Strategic management, External and Internal Auditors, may choose to examine proposed growth opportunities upon which operational plans and shareholder valuation will be based. Ask better questions.

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Disruption should be something we do, not something we watch out for. Step out of Horizon 1 operations to co-create. Establish breakthroughs that can succeed across your Horizons 2 and 3, comparing options objectively. Move to accelerate with structured agile implementation. Learn when and how to fail fast with minimal down-side.

Best experiences

Services-led reinvention. 100% revenue growth turnaround in 6 months.

Client co-creation. Global sales and proposition transformation.

Go-to-market transformation for $400m p.a. new business solution sales.

Complex opportunity and client co-creation framework roll-out.

Global strategic value creation and capture method and skills transformation.

Global strategic proposition creation, acceleration and success model.

Client and distribution co-creation of value for sales transformation.

Global method deployment in complex go-to-market opportunities.

Turnaround £500m digital transformation programme for agility.

Media SaaS relaunch positioning for cross-industry application.

Global pursuits innovating propositions for client and partner co-creation.

PaaS enabled vendor-client-alliance collaboration and co-creation.

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  • “…by far one of the most professional consultants I have worked with in my career… analytical skills, broad industry knowledge and methodology expertise, and board-level insights… a high value advisor and consultant to any business.” (Global Sales Transformation Leader)

  • “a total focus of strategic vision in a challenging period… consummate matrix stakeholder skills tested to extreme… dedication to deliver a win recognised by numerous units contributing… great advocate and contributor to executive groups.” (Cyber Security Lead, Deloitte)

  • “…insightful, responsive and connected… valuable, trusted and engaged… crucial in bringing together a large group internationally at EY and in qualifying and preparing us for success in pursuing major opportunity.” (Global M&A Client Lead, EY)